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Synthetic Roofing

Popularity among two conventional roofing materials – cedar and asphalt – is decreasing, and for good reason: cedar has disappointed, as it is non-sustainable and very costly to maintain, while asphalt’s lifespan continues to decrease, leading to diminished aesthetics and the requirement for multiple re-roofs over the life of a home.

Composites and synthetics, albeit new in terms of traditional roofing materials like cedar and slate, have been around for decades and are continuing to gain traction quickly as the preferred roofing materials of choice.

Composite cedar shakes & shingles are typically installed for the about the same price as cedar (in most geographies), but cost significantly less than real cedar over the life of your roof by eliminating the need for maintenance, treatments, and most importantly re-roofing. Due to the fact that you can achieve the same cedar aesthetic, with reduced lifetime costs, continues to drive the popularity of polymer roofing products. The desire for the dignified aesthetic of natural cedar has not waned, but with cedar becoming unsustainable, expensive to maintain and to install, and the lifespan being reduced to 20-25 years, composites are filling a void in the roofing market.

Plastic (synthetic polymer) is a polymer that has no fibre reinforcement. There are many plastic roofing products on the market designed to look like cedar and slate. Use of plastic roofing has been on the rise, most likely due to lower product costs than traditional cedar and slate and the offer of maintenance free lifetime products. Plastic roofing shingles are lightweight, and easier to install than traditional cedar and slate. However, most plastic shingles do not look authentic, and can have a shiny finish to them. Plastic shingles are relatively thin, and with average widths of 6”-8”, they do not come close to replicating the look or the size of real cedar shake.

Durability of plastic and synthetic polymer roofs and roofing shingles varies greatly. Get a 5-year workmanship warranty on your synthetic roof in Colorado. Call now at 303-294-9535


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Wilson Brothers, Inc. BBB Business Review
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