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Metal Roofs

Metal roofs in Denver are the perfect material for commercial buildings. There is no more durable and distinctive surface. Never again worry how your facility will weather the tough Colorado seasons. Call the experts – call us now.

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Metal Roofs in Denver Offer Durability

They are built to take punishing weather, whether you choose standing seam, R-panel, or tile. With our expert installation and recommended maintenance, your roofing system can last for well over 50 years.

• You get a Class “A” fire rating for protection of your property and contents.
• The materials and installation meet the most stringent building codes.
• We carry UL 2218 Class 4 products that are rated for impact resistance in hail storms.
• Never worry again about wind lift, or any other installation problems. You get a five-year warranty on workmanship.

Low Maintenance Roofing

Snow and dirt slide easily off of the smooth surface of steel panels, especially when they are specially-coated. We are the area leader in commercial applications – flat, low-sloped and steep-sloped architecture. Call for a free evaluation and a consultation about your many available options.

Does Your Facility Need Reroofing?

Because they are lightweight, metal roofs in Denver can be applied over existing asphalt roofing in some cases. This saves you tear-off costs and is better for the environment. You add the protection of galvanized steel with the insulation value of an additional layer. Your inventory and occupants will be well-protected. Call now to find out if this is an option for you.

Metal Roofs in Denver are a Green Choice

• Many types are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council. They absorb about one-third less heat than composition shingles, according to one landmark study. You will enjoy lower energy bills and can earn LEEDS credits.
• Many colors are ENERGY STAR rated for reflectivity. The surface will save you on air conditioning costs.
• Steel installations are made of about 60 percent recycled materials, so you will know that your choice is eco-smart.
• Installing steel panels on top of an existing asphalt installation, when feasible, keeps the old material out of the landfill. You will be doing your part for the environment.
Why Metal Roofs in Denver are Popular

As a recyclable and durable product, they have long been used in industrial and agricultural applications. But metal is fast becoming an in-demand material for commercial, retail, and residential use. Many iconic and historic buildings are topped with steel, copper, lead and zinc.

Best Roof Types for Commercial Use

• Standing-seam panels create distinctive vertical lines with the connection of one interlocking edge to the next, for a continuous effect that hides screws. Count on Wilson Brothers for a well-installed surface that resists lift in high winds.
• R-panels and rib metal varieties are durable and affordable flat surfaces for metal buildings and industrial use. This style offers a look of board and batten, and can be enamel-coated or painted for the strength and dirt-resistance and you need. We install and also can repair this type of surface.
• Shingles and tiles made of coated steel or aluminum can give you a distinctive, high-end look that people will notice. They can be manufactured to look like Victorian tiles, wood shakes, or clay half-pipes. Call now to see the incredible range of colors and styles.

Metal Roofing Contractor
Expert Installation
Some types of metal roofing require more expertise to install than others. We do them all exceptionally well! When you invest in this type of covering, you want it done right; you want it to last. You have found a commercial roof contractor that offers you a guarantee on workmanship for five years. You can trust that we will be here to stand by our work.

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We install metal roofs in Denver, Lakewood, Centennial and surrounding cities.

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